Compare major stock brokers in India

Numerous brokers are available, each providing hundreds of features. Every broker has advantages and disadvantages. Which one is the best fit for you now? Also, after you have begun actively investing, changing brokers might be a problem. Thus, it’s critical to get off to the appropriate start. Select the broker that best suits your demands via a side-by-side comparison of India’s most reputable brokers. So, below we have mentioned a list of all Compare Major Stock Brokers in India.

Compare Major Stock Brokers in India- Choosing the right stock broker

The following considerations can help you choose Share Brokers in India.

What type of investor are you? 

You must ask yourself this question before selecting the Best Stock Broker. If you think of yourself as a day trader, you will have to make your investments in a short amount of time—a few minutes or several hours, at most. If you’re a day trader, you should look for a broker that charges a fixed price for trades or one with fewer fees. This has a tight connection to discount brokers. Zerodha and RKSV Security are two reputable brokers in India that may provide you with real-time, relevant market research platforms at a reduced cost.

Longer-term stock purchases and holdings are characteristic of the second investor type. To make the best possible investment selection in this scenario, an investor must quickly and accurately gather a great deal of data. You will require a broker who is knowledgeable about long-term market values, developments, and trading patterns and has a strong execution technique. Idbi Palsa Builder, Motilal Oswal Review, and Geojit BNP Paribas are a few full-service brokers with headquarters in India.

A stock broker’s reputation

Investigate stock brokers’ reputation for saving money. To locate the ideal broker, look through Sebi or stock investment platforms. You can look into complaints made against a broker and learn about their individual experiences dealing with market investors by conducting reputation research. Select the Best Stock Broker with a great deal of expertise and a current understanding of the market’s dynamics.


When dealing with a broker, there are several fees involved. When dealing with a broker, there are several fees involved. With a few exceptions, nearly all also impose a nominal account opening fee when creating a trading account. Comparing commission rates from stock brokers is essential to maximize return on investment.

There are costs associated with opening an account, transactions, upkeep, etc. If you trade frequently, look for reasonable transaction costs; if you retain stock for an extended period, look for minimal upkeep fees. Finding the top Share Brokers in India with the lowest brokerage fees or charges is our ideal goal. However, for your particular stock trading requirements, the least expensive stock broker may not be the best option.

Leading Indian discount brokers

Pick the Best Stock Broker from the compilation of the top discount brokers in India that is provided below. Since the majority of them are Indian online discount brokers, they offer online trading services.


One of the most well-known Share Brokers in India, Zerodha, is growing quickly. Since they began operating in the brokerage sector in 2010, they have experienced exponential growth. From offering the most affordable brokerage rates to offering quick and advanced mobile trading tools, they have taken care of everything. Their primary goal was to enhance technology in the brokerage industry, and they succeeded in becoming the second-biggest stock broking business in India as a result.


  • Unlike other brokerage franchise businesses, zerodha does not require an upfront security payment for sub-broker enrollment.
  • Your performance determines how the income-sharing model works.
  • The trading platform and tools are very sophisticated.
  • Establishing an account online is easy.
  • Before becoming a sub-broker for Zerodha, you will receive training covering all of the goods and services, which will sharpen your technical abilities.
  •  Zerodha will assist with marketing by supplying banners, posters, and other materials.


Groww is an exclusive trading enterprise. Lalit Keshre launched Groww in 2016, and the company’s main office is in Bangalore, India. Groww works as a discount broker, the best commodity broker in India executes buy/sell orders at a reduced commission rate. They often impose a certain brokerage fee. Groww requires extremely little compared to full-service brokers because it is a discount broker.


  • Its simple and reasonable prices
  • a variety of investment options, like stocks, mutual funds, initial public offerings, and much more; 
  • direct mutual fund investments without the need for an intermediary may increase returns by about 1.5%
  • mobile trading applications along with additional trading platforms are extremely fast and feature cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of modern traders and investors.

Angel broking

Dinesh Thakkar established Angel Broking in 1987, with its main office located in Mumbai, India. Generally speaking, the Best Stock Broker gives their customers more thorough stock analysis and financial recommendations. Additionally, the brokerage fees are on the higher end. The goal of Angel One Limited is to become the top fintech company in India by offering its customers research, broking, margin trading, and financial product marketing. They currently have over 18 million registered customers and onboard over 570k new clients each month on average. Angel broking levies Sebi turnover taxes equal to 0.0002% of total turnover.


  • You can download a record of every transaction you’ve made with that item by clicking this.
  • When new user is preparing to add money to their Angel One account, they will be presented with the correct guidance to avoid any potential problems.
  • Previously, you had access to your transactions and fees for 30 days; now, you can view them for 180 days or 6 months.
  • Any business’s precise shareholding trends are now accessible.


This Best commodity broker in India enables customers to conduct transactions at a discount on equities, commodities, assets, and mutual funds. Among the features are an order generator, brokerage calculators,  online trading platforms, analyst ratings, and more. Offers a partnership program and a broker-specific learning portal complete with webinars and classes. Mobile devices either iOS and Android, as well as the web, can all access the application.


  • Trading accounts: free trading accounts and free trading in the equity delivery segment
  • Technical indicators: over 100 technical indicators that can be applied to charts in real-time
  • Charting: up to 8 charts at once, 80+ drawing tools, and trading view
  • Discovery: OI analysis, option chain with Greeks, fit & dii data, and f&o smart lists
  • Execution: gtt, basket orders, and 2x margin via margin pledge on 450+ stocks

Sas online

Since 2013, Sas Online, a Delhi-based business, has provided cheap brokerage services. It provides affordable brokerage services on the base, nse, and MCX for equities, commodities, currencies, and derivatives. It also provides its clients with services related to mutual funds. Sas provides zero percent brokerage options that feature unlimited trading for rs 999 every month and a flat fee of Rs 9 per trade. Sas doesn’t alter the brokerage percentage. The cost of brokerage is fixed for both per-trade and unlimited trading plans.


  • tradelab, the platform’s creator, is working hard to keep it up to date; the trading platform’s front end makes use of the newest internet technology.
  • instantaneous market data on indices, agreements, and scrips
  • more than 80 technical indicators across 10 chart styles for a comprehensive analysis.
  • examine order history, trades, and positions 

Full-service brokers

Sbi securities

One of the largest banks in India, the State Bank of India (SBI) is well-known for the top-notch services it offers to customers who have bank accounts with it. Their booking platform was launched in 2006, a stock brokerage business, as part of Abi’s great service expansion efforts to provide traders and investors with a more trustworthy broker. Sbi Securities has maintained its reputation among clients since its founding by providing outstanding services and a seamless investing process. It is the Best commodity broker in India with more than twice as much experience as SBI securities now faces intense rivalry. 


  • There are numerous options available for the trading platform, mobile app, PC software, and web-browser-based trading platform. 
  • Client assistance across several channels, including phone, email, and online forms, etc.
  • The study reports on various financial instruments.
  • A variety of trading and investment goods

Icici direct

Icici Direct Trading Platforms is one of the biggest and most popular retail Share Brokers in India. It is a branch of the group icici. About 50 lakh individuals use its funding and net trade services. The base, nse, and mix offer stock, commodity, and currency trading. There are also joint finances and basic public services available, along with stable deposits, NCDs, wealth products, domestic loans, and loans secured by securities.


  •  it offers a three-in-one account that combines your banking, brokerage, and demat accounts. In contrast, icici direct enables you to use icici for handling both your bank and demat accounts.
  • you can buy all goi bonds, mutual funds, ipos, and postal savings plans online.
  • you can buy or sell orders in stock scripts using magic options.


One of the well-known financial services companies, iifl, has its main office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has traditionally provided support to investors. As a stockbroking corporation, nsdl and cdsl serve as the business’s depository sources. When opening a trading account, there are no fees associated with the iifl demat account.


  • It gives consumers fast trading, the ability to explore the top 500 stocks
  • A variety of trading choices, such as next-generation trading devices
  • The iifl markets mobile app, and the web trading terminal. 
  • The company’s research department may also provide users with comprehensive stock and research reports
  • Lastly, the company provides excellent trading experiences for its customers.

Kotak Securities

Located in Mumbai, the country’s financial center, Kotak Securities is among the oldest Share Brokers in India. As of right now, the broking company lets its customers invest in a large range of equities and other financial products in the sector. Both the NSE and the BSE have registered the broking company as a member.

Ksl offers a broad range of services, including mutual fund options as well as investing options in stocks, currencies, and commodities. Additionally, it enables investors to make use of depository services, coverage, and margin trading funding.


  • the availability of a range of investments for day-to-day trading. Investment categories include stocks, futures, and options. Various kinds of information about stocks and trades can be obtained via SMS, which is an excellent tool provided by the stockbroker.
  • Kotak securities facilitate the integration of many bank account kinds, ensuring a smoother and quicker money transfer. 
  • cutting-edge technical instruments like keat prox and Fastlane trading terminals are feature-rich for stock investors and traders, and there are no extra fees for transferring capital.

Other emerging brokers

Paytm money

With its Rs. 20 maximum brokerage trading charges and commission-free mutual fund investing on the simple, intuitive, and accessible Paytm money app & online platform. Paytm Money has quickly become one of the most rapidly expanding brokers since 2017. Clients can trade using Paytm Money’s web trading platform and mobile application. To satisfy the requirements of both traders and investors, it offers a web-based investment and trading platform and an incredibly intuitive, user-friendly, and quick app.


• fully digital account opening without requiring any papers.

• there are no maintenance fees for demat accounts.

• maximum brokerage for intraday equity, deliverable, and f&o trading is rs. 20 per order.

• direct mutual fund investments without brokers.

• trusted and safe Paytm money app and online trading and investment platform.


Established in 2015, Fyers Securities is an online bargain stock broker situated in Bangalore. At the NSE, flyers provide trading in the currency derivatives, f&o, and equity cash categories. The term fyers stands for “focus your energy & reform the self,” and it symbolizes the company’s guiding principles. Fyers is the Best commodity broker in India with affordable brokerage fees. Trading across sectors is available for the same flat brokerage cost of up to Rs 20 per executed order using Fyers’ simple pricing methodology. Fyers will charge a limit of rs 20 for every order, irrespective of the size of the order.


  • fyers clients can utilize the themes for free. The customer only has to pay the standard brokerage fee.
  • a single click can be used to purchase and sell a theme. Investors can also change the theme and its components to sell or purchase.
  • more than 100 themes are offered
  • there are fewer than 20 stocks per subject.
  • more than 1500 stocks are included.

Alice blue

Users have access to one straightforward brokerage plan, freedom 15 (f15). The f15 brokerage plan reduces brokerage charges so that trading costs are as low as possible for customers. Brokerages provide free equity delivery trades under this reduced brokerage package. There is no brokerage cost for the consumer to trade. Alice Blue charges a flat fee of rs 15 for every executed order for all other sections, or 0.01%, whichever is lesser.

There are seventeen offices of Alice Blue Financial Services spread throughout India’s major cities. Customers can receive individualized broker assistance from these branches. Also, it has more than 1000 partners in India.


  • over twenty years of full-service broker experience.
  • ant: a premier trading platform designed for both trading and analysis.
  • freedom 15 discount brokerage service: a simple, affordable, fixed-rate brokerage plan.
  • provide free trading tools to all of its clients; pay 0.01% or rs 15, whatever is less in brokerage for every other market at bse, nse, and mcx.
  • trade school, an online tool for gaining knowledge about trading and investing principles.


The stock market is volatile and unpredictable. A good stock broker will support you through the ups and downs of the market and act as more than simply a service provider during your investing adventure. List your investment objectives, do your research, and come to an informed decision. So, Compare Major Stock Brokers in India and choose the one that suits your needs. 

FAQs – Compare Major Stock Brokers in India 

1. Are you able to trade or invest in stocks without a stockbroker?

Ans. Yes, trading Indian equities requires a stockbroker. Simply put, you cannot purchase or sell equities at the stock exchange by walking in. The transfer and settling of stocks involve multiple steps to give participants a positive purchasing and selling experience.

2. Which types of Indian stockbrokers are there?

Ans. Full-service brokers and discount brokers are the types of categories of stockbrokers in India.

3. What aspects should you ask about when choosing a stockbroker?

Ans. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a stockbroker is the brokerage price since using an expensive broker might have a negative financial impact.
Aside from that, the stockbroker’s image is the second most important thing to look into. It is best to choose a stockbroker with a lengthy history of trustworthy trading platforms and excellent customer support.

4. Are my previously purchased stocks transferable between demat accounts?

Ans. Sure, if you want to go from one demat account to a different one, you can change your stocks. Here are your two choices. Either way, you can give your previous stockbroker the completed this with the details of your new demat account number. They will be transferring the shares after the proper filing. If not, you may do it online by utilizing the cdsl website’s easiest tool.

5. What are the ways to create a trading and demat account?

Ans. With some of the top stockbrokers, establishing a trading and demat account is entirely online, paperless, and hassle-free. You can open one of these accounts in less than an hour if you have a copy of your PAN card, aadhar card, savings account statement, and canceled check on your laptop or mobile device. Just go to the stockbroker’s website and submit an account application.

6. Amc or account maintenance charges: what are they?

Ans. The fee you pay stockbrokers to keep your demat account active is known as the account maintenance charge. Depending on the conditions specified by the broker, AMC may be paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Most of India’s top stock brokers charge an annual management charge (AMC) for demat accounts ranging from rs 300 to rs 700.

7. Are multiple accounts permitted?

Ans. You can open more than one account. In reality, you are free to open trading accounts with several stock brokers as you want. You have the option to maintain separate accounts with a broker.

8. How can I pick the stock broker that best suits my needs?

Ans. You can start by deciding what your investment objectives are and taking into account variables including your risk tolerance, financial objectives, and trading activity. Analyze brokers according to their costs, customer support, and technology.